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In 1992, along with the existing stove manufacturing plant, a new factory was opened for the production of embedded household appliances with an original design, which formed the basis of the products of the future Hansa brand. Moreover, the plant itself became the first in Poland to master this direction.

1. De-energize the product, cut off the supply of water and gas.

2. Look in the user’s instructions to see if, in this case, something can be done on your own.

3. Prepare all the documents for the product.

4. Call the service center at the phone number indicated in the documents or on the company’s website.

5. After the repair, the master must issue a document on the completion of the work, one copy of which remains with you.

1. Before using the product, it is necessary to check whether the condition of your apartment communications corresponds to the connection of the product.

2. We recommend that you contact our service centers to install the product.

3. If you have applied to other organizations, believe me they have a license for these types of work. At the end of the work, require registration of documents on the work carried out and the materials used.

4. Payment for the installation (connection) of the product is made according to the price list of the organization you have called. Installation and connection that does not meet the requirements specified in the installation instructions and/ or made by unauthorized persons are considered incorrect. The manufacturer does not bear any responsibility for any damage caused to the property of citizens due to improper installation and connection.

5. In case of violations of the requirements of the manufacturer’s instructions for installation and connection, the person who carried out the work is responsible for the damage caused.

The instruction manual for the products is attached to each product with a common set of documents when buying the product in the store. If you have lost the instructions, you can get them electronically by contacting info@hansa.ru .

Information about the completeness can be found on the website or at the sales manager, where Hansa products are presented. If your model is not equipped with telescopic rails*, you can buy them at any Hansa service center and install them yourself. * – telescopic guides can only be installed on certain models of stoves and ovens

The warranty period for all Hansa equipment is 1 year.

In all glass ceramic cooktops and stoves, we use the best glass ceramics from the German manufacturer Schott Ceran. The innovative manufacturing process makes SCHOTT ceramics safe, efficient and reliable.

The full list of service centers is available on the official websites, and you can also check with our managers by writing to our managers on WhatsApp +7 (708) 220-08-60

The group has 70 years of experience in the manufacture of household appliances and operates in more than 50 countries.

Washing machines

Hansa washing machines have an electronic imbalance protection system. In the event that there are too few clothes in the washing machine or when individual, large items (bathrobes, sheets, etc.) are washed, the spin can be completely skipped or performed with fewer revolutions

Individual cases of lack of spin are not a malfunction.

Hansa washing machines have an electronic imbalance protection system. In the event that there are too few clothes in the washing machine or when individual, large items (bathrobes, sheets, etc.) are washed, the spin can be completely skipped or performed with fewer revolutions

Small jumps and time delays are not a malfunction.

During the washing process, the time required to complete the program is specified.
Therefore, depending on the voltage, water temperature, amount of clothing, etc., the time may increase or decrease.

Washing machines and electric stoves consume a lot of electricity.

1. Washing machines, dishwashers, gas stoves with an electric oven are connected to a separate electrical line, taking into account the following requirements:

The product is connected using a two-pole outlet, with a grounding contact (the outlet is not included in the product package). The phase wire must be connected via a circuit breaker (maximum current 16, A).
The connection is made with a 3-core wire (1.5-2.5 mm cross section, depending on the material), with double insulation.

2. Do not use extension cords and adapters/tees.

3. It is forbidden to connect the grounding wire to plumbing and gas utilities.

At the final stage of washing, all dishes are doused with hot water. Moisture from the dishes evaporates and settles on the walls of the inner chamber of the Hansa dishwasher. Then it flows down to the bottom of the chamber and is removed by a drain pump. The principle of operation of this type of drying is based on the temperature difference between cold side walls and hot water.

An error with the code E10 in ProWash series washing machines means low water pressure, no water in the washing machine.

There may be several reasons:

When pouring water, the water level does not change for 3 minutes – if the washing machine fills very slowly, the reason may be that the water pressure is too low;
Water supply hose – make sure that the water tap is open and that the hose flaps are not blocked;
And other more serious reasons related to clogging of valves and violation of water level sensors;

Our company advises contacting an authorized service center to eliminate this and similar errors.

You can find a list of authorized Hansa service centers by going to the section Support

An error with the code E12 in ProWash series washing machines means that the water level in the drum of the washing machine exceeds the level determined for the alarm signal.

Sometimes it is enough to restart the washing machine to solve the problem.

There may be other reasons that caused the malfunction with error code E12.

If restarting did not help, our company recommends contacting an authorized service center to fix the E12 error.

You can find a list of authorized Hansa service centers by going to the section Support.


The description of the characteristics on the official websites of Hansa equipment indicates the models of carbon filters, or you can clarify by writing to our managers on WhatsApp +7 (708) 220-08-60

Our company recommends using the hood in the air extraction mode (high performance, all vapors are discharged outside). The hood can also be used in recirculation mode (an additional carbon filter should be installed).

Stoves and ovens

After replacing the injectors and adjusting them accordingly, the plates manufactured by Hansa can be connected to liquefied petroleum gas.

Hansa is part of the Amica Group— a leading European manufacturer of household appliances. Currently, products under the brands Amica, Hansa, Gram and CDA are sold in more than 50 countries around the world.

The condition for the oven to work is to set the current time on the programmer. In all likelihood, this requirement is not met in this case. It is also possible that the automatic operation mode is randomly selected. To reset the programmer settings, follow the attached instruction manual or disconnect the device from electricity for five minutes. After switching on again, you should set the current time.

Steam coming out of the back of the stove is a normal phenomenon and the result of evaporation of the baked dish. Steam evaporates through a chimney outlet located at the back of the work plate.

1. Persons (firms) who have a license to connect such equipment have the right to connect gas equipment.

2. The gas stove must be grounded.

3. When connecting, the master must check which type of gas (main or liquefied /”balloon”) the stove is configured for. If necessary, make the necessary adjustment — replacing the jets, adjusting the flame.

4. After installation, the master instructs on the rules of safe use of the stove.

According to the serial number, which is indicated on the sticker behind the hinged door on the side. The first 4 digits of the serial number are the year and month of manufacture of the plate

The code appears on the display when the temperature sensor breaks down. This is a device that is responsible for maintaining a set temperature inside the equipment when using it.

Find a special lock icon on the control panel at the top of the oven, usually a “key”. Click on this button, and then select the option — lock control, hold it down for a few seconds. A beep will follow, indicating that the unlock was successful.

Problem: The “H” symbol is displayed on the hob or stove. As a rule, this indicates that the burner has remained hot after cooking.


Of course you can. Detailed information on changing the direction of opening the doors is contained in the operating manual.

This is a normal sound produced by the refrigerant passing through the refrigeration system. Also, the sounds heard as a crackle are associated with the expansion or contraction of the elements of the device, do not mean damage to the refrigerator.

The “vacation” function is designed to reduce power consumption and protect us from unpleasant odors, which often appear when the device is turned off for a long time. After turning on the function, the temperature inside the refrigerator is about 14ºC. An ideal function for a long absence.

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